Breaking Bad Habits


How technology will help us make better films

In this workshop the participants will explore what’s behind the huge trend to new technologies (transmedia projects, ARGs or augmented reality films), and why they’re so persuasive.

It will start with an overview of the current state of the neuroscience of perception and everything will be exemplified by presenting a wide variety of approaches that explore the fringes of the cinematic standards. This will hopefully give the participants a bunch of reasons why experimenting with new-media as an emerging filmmaker is especially beneficial today and how technology can inspire one’s storytelling.

Aimed at filmmakers and film students with some practical experience, but open to everyone. Limited to 30 participants.

Workshop conductor: Synes Elischka (kino5, Random Film Festival) is a media-artist turned filmmaker who is currently doing his PhD on the topic of Immersion at Aalto University in Helsinki.


Sunday January 27th :
16:00 – 19:00 Fossé des Treize

Picture from EyeCare

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