Short Films Showcase: Program 1

Friday January 25th, 2013, 20:00 – 22:00 Cinéma Star

without snow
Without Snow (Utan Snö) – Poland, 2011, 35’30”

‘It’s not my fault, it’s not your fault, it’s the landscapes fault.’ Linus is 16 years old and has just fallen in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. Never could he imagine that it would bring such aching consequences.

Director: Magnus Von Horn / Screenplay: Magnus Von Horn / Cinematography: Magnus Borge / Sound: Michal Robaczewski / Editing: Max Arehn, Rickard Krantz / Cast: Erik Lennblad, Louise Wehlin, Ivar Svensson, Hampus Sikström
Selection: Festival du Cinéma Brive, France

Intro – Montenegro, 2013, 24’

Andrej lives in a desolate coastal town with his family. His bleak everyday life suddenly changes as various events lead him to a turning point.

Director and screenplay: Ivan Salatic / Director of photography: Ivan Markovic / Editing: Nemanja Becanovic, Ivan Salatic / Producers: Da-nijela Radulovic, Ivan Salatic / Production: Cinemapolis / Cast: Bojana Malinovska, Petar Novakovic
Selection: Cinemapolis, Montenegro

Fast food – Austria, 2012, 5’36”

Fastfood is one of the 5 films that Max Hammel has made at KinoDyna-mique, a KinoKabaret that took place in Vienna last year. In 36 hours, the filmmakers had to develop a script and shoot a film. Fast Food is one of the films that have been created in this way. Three friends, a car, a wound, a gun and hamburgers.

Director, Screenplay, Cinematographer: Max Hammel / Cast: Dawn Ro-binson, Justus Ramm, Patrick Pepe Schadenberg
Selection: kino5, Austria

house party

House Party – Austria, 2012, 2’17”

What happens when the parents aren’t at home? Be prepared for a real groovy experience.

Director, Editor: Dara / Set design: Pia / Sound: Dani / Crew: Nadine, Rosanna
Selection: kino5, Austria

the rabbits case

The Rabbit’s Case – Poland, 2009 10’44”

Two friends, one problem, many solutions. A story about the most precious things.

Director, Realizator: Jakub Wronski / Screenplay: Justyna Nowak, Jakub Wronski
Selection: Ad Arte, Short Waves, Poland

pikku kalle

Pikku Kalle? – Finland, France, 2012 12’

This short documentary is a film about just what it means to grow up, to tell a joke, and to be Finnish. The film scours the beautiful Finnish archi-pelago of Turku for the mischievous character of Pikku-Kalle, giving an insight into the satirical world of Finland, and reminding us of the naughty child that is inside everyone of us.

Directors: Alastair Cole, Daniel Szöllosi, Anna Dmitrieva
Selection: NISI MASA, France

Stanka goes home

Stanka Goes Home (Stanka se pribira vkashti) – Bulgaria, 2010 15’

When Mrs. Stanka Atanasova, an elderly and sick woman, enters her block  of flats, she discovers that the elevator is out of order. Stanka has to use the stairs. What is a simple task for most of us, becomes a challenge for her.

Director: Maya Vitkova/ Script: Radu Jude/ Camera: Krum Rodriguez/ Sound: Alexander Simeonov/ Editor: Toma Waszarow, Vladimir Ando-nov/ Actors: Reni Yoncheva, Vassil Dimitrov, Jordan Bikov, Chavdar Si-meonov, Michail Boevski
Selection: European Short Pitch, NISI MASA, France


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