Modern day black and white London


Anybody who has ever been to London knows how busy the city is. People are always pressed to go somewhere, do something and experience. This can obviously be tiring. Being stuck amongst strangers on the tube, or hurrying down the street with hundreds of people can be hard on one’s mental state.

The short film Londoners captures this very well. It starts with impressions from the tube, and goes around London to film people going about their business. This sounds quite boring, but the fact that it is in black and white transports the viewer right into a London state of mind. It was filmed on a 100-year-old wooden 35mm camera, which removes us from the modern day craze for technology. The old-fashioned style of the film, together with the beautiful music from English act Bat for Lashes, takes you away and brings you close to the people on the screen.

Londoners depicts the citizens of the city and their reaction to the camera. Of course, people start acting when they realise they are being filmed and even a hardcore biker turns into a silly dancer in front of the camera. This short is truly an enjoyable 11 minutes of beautifully filmed moments taken right out of everyday life.

by Lynn Klein

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