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Today there are many movies that do not stand on their own. They can be based on books, video games, TV series or even to other films. People can inform themselves and write about it on homepages, blogs and social media. There are projects that are funded through crowd funding. Other projects even allo

w people to get involved in the storytelling. Crossmedia and transmedia strategies like that provide the possibility to make the audience feel more involved with a subject.

Crossmedia and transmedia projects both use different platforms to tell a story but crossmedia is more connected to marketing. They include one main product like for example a movie. All the other results point to that film and are used to make it more famous. Transmedia projects also include the marketing aspect, but there is not one main product as it tells one story on different platforms and lets the audience become actively involved in it.

A successful example for a transmedia project is the homepage ‘Pottermore’ which is based on the fictional world of the Harry Potter novels. Fans of the books can not only learn more details about Hogwarts, but also submit fan fiction and thereby get themselves involved in the storytelling process. As a kind of reward, J. K. Rowling or the makers of the page can validate the fan fiction so that the story actually takes place in the Harry Potter universe. Through that function the users become a collective of authors instead of simply being part of the audience.

Through transmedia projects the audience can use different channels to approach the same subject or story. Other platforms can provide additional information so that using them gives you more knowledge about the subject. Other projects present the possibility to have an impact on the story itself or get in contact with the creators. And there is also the social aspect, where communities of people can exchange and share their experience.

Transmedia is a new way of storytelling because it requires a series of connected stories. It is important that those stories can also stand for their own, so that the people can choose which platforms they want to use.  According to Domenico la Porta, the chief editor of Cineuropa, the way of storytelling changed because the people actually changed their way of consuming.  ‘Transmedia is a consequence of audience behavior’, he said.

If you want to start a transmedia project connected to a movie there are many ways to do that. You can use other media like video games or comic books, create interactive homepages, use social networks or start crowd funding. To reach an audience ‘it is important to choose the right platforms’, Domeniko la Porta emphasized. ‘You have to know what you’re doing and you have to have a proper strategy to reach that goal.’ Not every project is fit for transmedia, but still it is an important way to address an audience, especially because the number of cinema visitors is getting smaller. Transmedia projects seem to be a way to make people interested in your story and at the same time provide the audience with a collective experience that goes beyond it film watching.

by Rosi Böhm

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