Reviews: “Rita” and “Stanca goes home”


Getting blind

Rita s a ten-year-old blind girl living in an apartment with her mother. Suddenly, a boy appears and hides in her flat. Together they escape the threatening atmosphere of her home and go to the beach.

The short movie Rita by Italian directors Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza creates more questions than it answers: What happened to Rita’s mother whose hands are covered in blood? Who is the boy? What is he hiding from? And why is Rita joining him, even if she does not seem to know him?

Most parts of the film consist of close ups of Rita’s face and her eyes that are staring unfocused. You can only see the expressions on her face. What happens around her remains unknown. Through this technique the movie creates the impression that the audience is also blind and therefore feels as disorientated as Rita herself must feel.

Stanka goes home

A long way up

When Stanca arrives at her house, she finds out that the elevator is out of order again. So the elderly woman has to walk to her flat on the ninth floor. She carries her groceries and herself up the stairs, having to stop every few steps to catch her breath. The Bulgarian short movie Stanca goes home, by director Maya Vitkova, shows how an everyday situation can turn into a real challenge. It seems as if to Stanca the stairs become like a mountain she has to climb. Even if the plot is very simple and down-to-earth, there is something very tragic about her struggle to get home. It draws an intense and moving picture of getting old and leaves you with the thought you should call your grandmother to inquire if she is doing fine.

by Rosi Böhm

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