Generator that generates falling in love again … with movie making


I came to GENERATOR to network, attend some lectures and watch some shorts movies in the evenings. But mostly to put myself into a rhythm of writing – rhythm rather lost in my everyday duties back home. But nothing worked as I planned. Stay tuned, as in fact it got better.

After the first day of meeting Generazine coordinators (Luisa Riviere, Severine Beaudot and Mirona Nicola), I also planned to attend some different workshops related with the movie industry: culture management, sessions about distribution of short movies, about systems of financing and ways to get funds, films festivals and last but not least, to observe a Kino Kabaret group making a short movie in a very short period of time.

But I started with the last thing and I was drawn into participating in Kino Kabaret. The process was impressive and rapidly evolving. With the inspiring thoughts and directing of Simon Bonanni, with the help of Cornelia Iordache, both actually participants of the Kino Kabaret workshop, we were able to write down a concept and four scenes, to find a cameraman,  to create a call sheet and the right timing for shooting, but also to shoot everything in an entire night, from 7pm to 12pm.


The first idea was to create a story around different secret and hidden beautiful places in Strasbourg and somehow the main characters to show us to them. But soon we established not to make a documentary, but a short fiction, so Simon had the initiative to make something about the impossibility of being involved again in another relationship. Somehow the ideas mixed, but our collaborative process was smoothly evolving, because we found ourselves to be on the same page and we were very willing to really make a movie, so we find the magic in the making.

Actually, we ended up shooting one interior scene, in La Taverne, and three exterior scenes in three wonderfully built old bridges in Strasbourg. I will vividly remember the spots, the lights of the city – the only ones available to us, because we didn’t have any extra light, and the sound of the wind – a character in itself – very present in the first bridge. Closer to the end of the shooting it began to snow and the perspective to shoot the last scene surrounded by snowflakes gave something magical to the whole process.

Then, on the last day of GENERATOR we were able to edit everything and to finish a 6 minutes short film: . So, the Kino Kabaret lab generated a great encounter, based on our mindset, spontaneity for finding creative and logistic solutions, creating a fruitful team work.

by Florentina Bratfanof, 29 january 2013


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