Aviva Silver is a representative of the Media Programme

Viviana_Sunday_Youth Funding (35)

Aviva Silver is a representative of the Media Programme, the EU´s support system for Audio Visual production. The programme functions under two different organisations: the European commission, which is responsible for policy and decisions of the programme; and with the Executive Agency, that is responsible for implementation on a day-to-day basis. They support initiatives they find important, related to the need of creating space for production and distribution of European Cinema.

The MEDIA Programme supports NISI MASA because, as Silver said, it is the best way to have an impact across the audio visual chain by connecting young people who can later be successful in the industry. That’s what NISI MASA does – establishes connections between people who make their first steps in the sector. The European Union programme support all kinds of activities – developing projects, trainings, network projects, video games, film, television and distribution. Who can apply for this funding depends on the mechanisms they want to use to fund their project. For instance, for video on demand there are VoD programmes, and the same applies to other types.

Aviva Silver explained that after 2013 the European Commission is planning to increase the funding for culture under a proposal called Creative Europe, which will bring together three existing programmes: Culture, MEDIA and MEDIA Mundus under one umbrella, adding one guaranteed facility for the cultural creative sectors. MEDIA has proposed an increase in the funding of 37%, but it remains to be seen within the multiannual financial framework whether they will achieve what it was asked.

Click here to see the complete interview.

by Mirella Vasileva


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