GENERATOR 2013 was a success!

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25th to 27th January 2013, Strasbourg (France)
From the 25th to the 27th of January 2013, the City of Strasbourg hosted GENERATOR: Youth Audiovisual Forum. The event was organized by NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema supported by the Youth in Action Programme, the City of Strasbourg, MEDIA Antenne Strasbourg and MEDIA Desk France.

During these three days, more than 150 participants coming from 31 countries all around Europe gathered in Strasbourg to participate in GENERATOR, whose aim was to create a dialogue among young professionals and students about the future of the audiovisual and culture in Europe.

The attendants participated in workshops and seminars, conducted by a total of 26 experts and decision makers from different fields of the audiovisual industry and the youth sector. Representatives from MEDIA, Youth in Action, City of Strasbourg, Région d’Alsace, ARTE, KurzfilmAngentur Hamburg, Encounters Short and Animation Film Festival, Cineuropa, Interfilm and many more were part of debates and panels with the participants. They discussed, proposed and answered questions about topics such as the future of EU culture funding and the direction the MEDIA programme is going to take in the future, or gave tips on how to acquire youth funding from the European Commission. They tried to help the participants have a better grasp of the concept of transmedia and they discussed new technologies in filmmaking and culture management. Another big topic discussed between the guest speakers and participants themselves was the future of the short film industry, which outside Germany and France is a minor part of the film industry as a whole.

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Besides the workshops and panels, the participants had the chance to present their activities during the Project Pitching Fair and Feedback Me! sessions, two unique opportunities to show and present their projects in front of an audience and get a constructive feedback as well as to build new professional collaborations.

There was also leisure time during GENERATOR. The participants, together with the audience from Strasbourg, were able to watch 15 short films realized/ produced or selected by NISI MASA Network associations during two screenings at Cinéma Star. It all culminated during the final evening in Strasbourg when 14 films, resulting from the GENERATOR Kino Kabaret, were screened at Cinéma l’Odyssée. The films were the result of collaborative work by more than 40 of the Generator participants.

Several influential media in Europe and France were present at GENERATOR: ARTE Creative, one of the most well known transmedia platforms;, a pioneer online platform dedicated to cinema aimed at enthusiasts and professionals alike; – European Short Film Centre;, a reference French website for film criticism; Format Court, an online platform dedicated exclusively to short films.

Feedback from participants and partners alike was positive, so NISI MASA is committed to organizing a second edition of GENERATOR: Youth Audiovisual Forum in 2014 in order to facilitate a direct dialogue between the institutions linked to audiovisual culture and those who interact with them looking for funding or other types of support for their projects.

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