Project Pitching Fair

NISI MASA at interfilm

Team work is in the very nature of film and those in the NISI MASA network know it best. They all have experience producing films, organizing festivals or film-making workshops. Being part of this network taught us the value of collaboration.

Since we are always busy at work and on the look-out for new partners for our projects, all the associations present at Generator will be part of the Project Pitching Fair. Whether you are looking for a producer for your short film or partners and volunteers for your next film project or a festival, you can present  it and pitch face to face to all Generator participants.

You’ll get one minute before the audience, a chair.  To support your pitch, you can bring anything: computers, trailers, flyers, posters. You will be able to register on the spot the day before on January 26th in Fossée des Treize.


Sunday 27th:

10h-  12h at Fossé des Treize

Picture by Interfilm (NISI MASA at Interfilm, Berlin 2012)

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