GENERATOR is looking for volunteers!

During GENERATOR: Youth Audiovisual Forum, NISI MASA will bring together more than 120 young audiovisual professionals from all around Europe to discuss about the new audiovisual tools and to show a sample of all the NISI MASA activities!

Now, NISI MASA is looking for volunteers from Strasbourg to work with us during the event!  The volunteers will help the team of the project:

– Organization and coordination of the different activities of the forum

– Accreditations

– Hosting and guiding participants

GENERATOR is a unique cinematographic event and taking part as a volunteer will be a great opportunity that will allow you to meet audiovisual professionals and young filmmakers from all around Europe!

During GENERATOR we will be hosting a Kino Kabaret, an script marathon, a Nisimazine film journalism workshop, a workshop about genre films, seminars, panels focused on transmedia and young cinema funding and the alternative financing options and also, screenings at Cinéma Star and l’Odyssée and networking parties!

 If you want to take part, send your application to:

Deadline: 20th January 2013


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