Transmedia and the Ways they Change Traditional Media


The first part of the panel will focus on the general idea of transmedia and the ways they change the traditional media. We will try to answer questions like: what is transmedia? How  does the media discourse change under the influence of transmedia? Does it attract different audiences?

Then the discussion will move to the case study of concrete examples of ARTE Creative and the InVitr0 project. We will approach transmedia through evolutions of habits with an audience perspective as well as look at transmedia in a “producers” or in a “financing” perspective.

These and more questions will be tackled and discussed at the transmedia panel on the Saturday afternoon, January 26th at Fossée des Treize.

Panel moderation: Nadja Dumouchel, ARTE Strasbourg

The guest speakers are:

Alain Bieber, Director of ARTE Creative
Domenico La Porta, Editor in Chief, Cineuropa
Petra Oplátková and Artemio Benki, InVItr0


Saturday 26th :
13h  – 15.30h at Fossée des Treize


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