Feedback Me!

partnership building meeting

Generator participants and organizers are film lovers and most of them are also film makers. They are all potential audiences for your future project, so why not get their opinion while it’s all still in the making, in the Feedback Me panel?

Come and show your film, regardless of the state of development it is in, you’ll be able to introduce your project to an audience consisting of people with various levels and types of expertise.  They will be there to give you their opinion on how you could improve your project and receive yours on their own.

Prepare your presentations, trailers etc. and be ready to accept constructive criticism on your projects. You’ll also get to sit on the other chair and give feedback yourselves to those who will present their project. It’s Nisimasian spirit at its best!


Saturday January 26th :
16:00 – 19:00 CIARUS

Sunday January 27th:
16:00 – 19:00 La Plage Digitale

Picture taken during the Partnership Building Meeting in Encounters, 2012

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