Kino Kabaret – Call for Participants!


Register to the Generator Kino Kabaret session 25-27 January 2013 – a special NISI MASA Kino Kabaret session brought to you by Kino Euphoria & friends!

Kino Kabaret is a type of innovative film-making lab where participants create films in a mindset of spontaneity and collaboration. The production method utilizes principles of non-competitive work to encourage co-creation.

During NISI MASA’s Generator Forum in Strasbourg we’re happy to invite 40 participants to take part in a 60 hour session of creating short films from A to Z and presenting the outcome to the forum audience and spreading the International Kino Spirit further in Europe.

You can join the session as a director, actor, DOP, editor, sound designer, musician, make up artist, scriptwriter, whatever you please!
Fear not to try out new areas of filmmaking; Kino is the place for all those cinematic experiments you haven’t tried out yet. The idea is that we’ll help each other out while making the short films. When you’re not engaged in your own passionate project, you can help your fellow participants.

Kino promotes collaborative filmmaking. It’s not a competition and not about battling against time. Kino is a movement created as a means of providing both amateur and professional filmmakers with a place to create and screen their short-films. (Read more about the Kino
Movement here (

In the NISI MASA Network our member associations are organizing annual Kino Kabaret’s in Helsinki (Kino Euphoria), Praha (Kino Praha) and in Vienna (KinoDynamique) bringing hundreds of international filmmakers together to collaborate.

Register by filling out your infos to this form until January 15th 2013:



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